orientation ♦ Wandering sensory paths: forget time thus your stress, just feel these moments pass. So close your eyes and see with feet and nose. Release the pictures in your mind, feed them till they rise to posters and placards – ornament what last. What do you really need to see? Grow with time and be a part of it all, no need to feel so small. Rivers feed the seas recovered in between. Melt inside this flow, drifting to follow. Find a new home in groups of friends or walls. A golden smiling mind, a face with laughter lines. Through love there always shines the luckiest gift of life. Search, find and thanks at all, what makes you look so tall? Sky opened for you, oh, have you figured out the right answer? Contrasted yourself found youth inside the importance to smile. It was the only way to find what you really need to feel, know: when you‘re deeply lost inside, you can‘t hide. Passing gates of silent words blurred by rage confusing your mind – a way to express yourself, when you‘re ashamed. It‘s the inside gathers all minds, it‘s the outside wants to see new lies – it defines.


from nexus  ♦  context, released February 28, 2014



all rights reserved


somepeopledrown Hanau, Germany

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