lost in latitude

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lost in latitude ♦ Everyone creates reality, own world, facilities and responsibility. Obligingness all at once. The context I perceive is different to yours. We see the same things – don‘t see the same things? Well yeah, we might do, but in different ways. Concluded so fast, concluding too fast. Words I‘m saying, sentences you build are offers we make, only offers one might understand. We create our own facilities and responsibility. Generosity in contact – combined in mind, socialize.

Words I‘m saying, sentences you build are offers, only offers we make. Words building our castles, creating new space – a conscious appliance permits. Only together actions and words are meaningful – means something to me. I‘m sick of it and turning it around, the other side‘s just part of the same coin. I see myself in your eyes, looks different now but all I see is a distorted exchange of our minds and hearts – disaccord. In losing my world of secrets: naked to the bone, ended up here. Lost in this crush of words, this system works in increasing curves, unclear, overextended. Search clarity, identity in social impacts.


from nexus  ♦  context, released February 28, 2014



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somepeopledrown Hanau, Germany

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