nexus  ♦  context

by somepeopledrown

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It starts with the paradoxon: the human as a constitutive part of the whole, who must be separated from the world if he is able to perceive objectively. Aporia, tautology – entity becomes difference: overcome the concept of identity. The theorie of self-referential systems draw the line between the inside and outside. We are non-trivial systems – unpredictable. What seems to be an entity is constituting itself in the dissociation from its environment. Everything is connected, nothing is without context. Theoretical foundations are operations with the shaping moment of differentiation. You have to decide which differentiation you reach at the beginning; have to find your way in the balance of system and environment, which emerges from unlimited actions. Orientation by recognizing yours, that is different from others. Meanings are created self-referentially in the brain. Objectivity is impossible.
Every cognition is an observation of own operations. Observation and autopoiesis are connected intrinsically. In observing we are deciding on a differentiation; we are schematising in the wish for a reduction of the world complexity. A process of recursion – an attempt to define yourself. An observation of the second order. Observe yourself while observing – self-reflection, self-evaluation. Dual contingency. Recognizing alternatives. Adjusting attitude. Alternating influence. Reciprocal observation. Social system. Communication: information, message, grasp. Interaction between the complexity of two systems that cannot be calculated or controlled. Empathy – rejection, acceptation, participation, position. Search clarity, identity in social impacts: mistake that is causing excessive demand – lost in latitude.


released February 28, 2014

somepeopledrown are
Andreas Mourão dos Santos [guitar, keys, vocals]
Tobias Stummer [guitar]
Christoph Böttner [bass, trumpet]
Johann-Jost Dierks [drums]
Nico Lindenberg [guitar, keys, vocals]

recording, mastering
Jörg See

Johann-Jost Dierks

Franz Grünewald

thanks to
our friends and families, Katrin Lange,
Jörg and Sandra See



all rights reserved


somepeopledrown Hanau, Germany

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Track Name: non-trivial systems
non-trivial systems ♦ Hide under­ground don‘t want to feel appraising views of urgency in every eye, too quiet? Lonely wallflower bear the shade: appreciation‚ ’gainst disgrace – your fight. Break through the surface on yourself, come spread your roots for confidence, growing alive – supply.
Track Name: orientation
orientation ♦ Wandering sensory paths: forget time thus your stress, just feel these moments pass. So close your eyes and see with feet and nose. Release the pictures in your mind, feed them till they rise to posters and placards – ornament what last. What do you really need to see? Grow with time and be a part of it all, no need to feel so small. Rivers feed the seas recovered in between. Melt inside this flow, drifting to follow. Find a new home in groups of friends or walls. A golden smiling mind, a face with laughter lines. Through love there always shines the luckiest gift of life. Search, find and thanks at all, what makes you look so tall? Sky opened for you, oh, have you figured out the right answer? Contrasted yourself found youth inside the importance to smile. It was the only way to find what you really need to feel, know: when you‘re deeply lost inside, you can‘t hide. Passing gates of silent words blurred by rage confusing your mind – a way to express yourself, when you‘re ashamed. It‘s the inside gathers all minds, it‘s the outside wants to see new lies – it defines.
Track Name: recursion
recursion ♦ All these words,
they fail to connect.
And I don‘t know what I want,
but it‘s not this.

Drinking always feels better than falling asleep.
Getting over myself – work in progress.
It‘s just the way I am sometimes.
Oh, I can see it in your eyes sometimes.

Did my distance make your heart grow fonder?
Well I‘m nothing without…
Track Name: self-evaluation
self-evaluation ♦ You need perfection so you‘re failing. Failures don‘t really agree with your immaculacy; polished, appearing at your best. Weakness takes only part in moments when you‘re dealing with yourself. Scepticism for detecting all of your debilities – no one will ever see. Attempt to seem not to be. Reputations on high level – most important thing, so you‘re hiding behind and being afraid of disclosing you‘re an awful bore. Dry your eyes and dream of islands when your nose perceives cold snow. Nothing is good enough, perfection, sense of self and courageousness. The pressure is too much. Need a gentle touch? Know, you singled this path? Unconsciousness? Well… best wishes for success. Me and you: relentless. We choose.
Track Name: lost in latitude
lost in latitude ♦ Everyone creates reality, own world, facilities and responsibility. Obligingness all at once. The context I perceive is different to yours. We see the same things – don‘t see the same things? Well yeah, we might do, but in different ways. Concluded so fast, concluding too fast. Words I‘m saying, sentences you build are offers we make, only offers one might understand. We create our own facilities and responsibility. Generosity in contact – combined in mind, socialize.

Words I‘m saying, sentences you build are offers, only offers we make. Words building our castles, creating new space – a conscious appliance permits. Only together actions and words are meaningful – means something to me. I‘m sick of it and turning it around, the other side‘s just part of the same coin. I see myself in your eyes, looks different now but all I see is a distorted exchange of our minds and hearts – disaccord. In losing my world of secrets: naked to the bone, ended up here. Lost in this crush of words, this system works in increasing curves, unclear, overextended. Search clarity, identity in social impacts.